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Question for the experts

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I made 10 pounds of Frankfurters about a month ago. I got about half smoked one night the next night my smoker died. So froze them I have a new MES GEN 2.5 now is it OK to thaw these and smoke them?
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Were they partially cooked before you froze them..... If so, throw them out.... they were in the danger zone way too long.... or if they sat out, not in the refer, the same applies.....
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Nope I found out my smoker was dead before that. The Frankfurters were raw when I froze them.
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I assume you had cure #1 in the recipe?
So half of them got smoked and the other half went in the freezer raw? I've never done it but see no reason it wouldn't be fine.
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If they have cure and weren't cooked any smoke away


My 2 cents

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Yes they had cure in them. So I should be able to smoke them.
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With cure or without, there is no reason you can't make any sausage then freeze half to be thawed and smoked later. Only difference is Cured sausage can be cool smoked and sausage without cure must be hot smoked...JJ

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