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Hello all.  I'm finally starting my smoker build!  Got the steel for the structure.  Will get the sheet steel when I am ready.  I've modified the plans based on some Backwoods clone plans I downloaded from this site.  It will be a built-in model in my backyard.  I am sizing it with an extra large fire box to give me the option to burn sticks or charcoal.  The smoke chamber will be about the size of a Piglet-Plus.  I will post pics. shortly as  I start to put it together. 


The first question of what I'm sure will be many is regarding the chimney size.  I noticed that the piglet plus has two 4"x2" chimneys as it is simply two backwoods parties put together.  I am planning on a single 6"x2" smoke stack centered in the 30" wide smoke chamber, and am wondering if I will get enough flow through the chamber, and if the smoke will be even enough.


Any thoughts?