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Hey all!!

New here! Greetings from London UK! I gave an introduction on the Roll Call section of the forum, and Smokin Monkey directed me here! Great to see so many in the UK on here with a passion for BBQ! 

We are 26 year old twin brothers who have a huge passion for American style BBQ. We are on a huge journey to achieve PITMASTER STATUS!

We love American BBQ culture and everything about it! We also love cured meats / charcuterie, although have never attempted making our own salamis etc (would love to in the future).

I would say we are both pretty new/intermediate at smoking meats, having taken the hobby seriously for about 8 months now. We still feel like we have A LOT to learn! 


We decided to join this forum and learn as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the smoker we use at the moment is a pretty cheap drum BBQ, we keep the coals and wood on one side and the meat on the other. As you can imagine, it's very inconsistent. But we keep on trying and make best with what we have! We really hope to invest in an off-set smoker when we can.

We so far have smoked:

  • Beef Ribs
  • Beef Brisket
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Ox Tails
  • Proscuitto Wrapped Camembert Cheese
  • Chicken


Here are some of our photos:


Smoked Brisket Burnt Ends Getting Stewed!

Beech Smoked Beef Brisket:


Smoked Ox Tails:



Beef Rib:


Baby Back Pork Ribs:


Smoked Sausages (for snacking with beer!!)

Pleasure to meet all of you, loving this forum already and can't wait to check out what everyone has to offer!

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Hello and welcome along,pretty new on here myself lots to learn!..Really professional looking photos!
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Some good looking scran there... welcome


I would warn you that this site is addictive... so many good things to eat, and so much stuff to build


I made atomic buffallo turds for the first time the other day ... except that i couldnt get any big jalepenos so i use sweet peppers, and they were more like non atomic... so NABTs :D


and my friends  look at me very strangely when i tell them i'm rolling a fatty - opinion seems split on whether its recreation drug abuse i'm talking about, or mugging overweight people  :D

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Love it!..Atomic buffalo turds??..Is there a link..
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better than that - there's a whole board

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hi all


I'm Andy and have recently joined after taking the plunge and bought a new BBQ/smoker when our old barrel type died a rusty death.


im 46 married with a young son, varied career so far 10 years military, 19 years NHS and about to commence a new role in local law enforcement  in about 2 weeks time.


I currently have a new char griller super pro sat in the back patio with the optional side fire box attached but it has yet to be used or seasoned until I can get a break in my work schedule to do it properly and add the important chimney mods before I light it up.


I'm interested in making my own bacon as well as the massive variety of long slow smoked/cooked meats I have been reading about.


that's it for now, I'm sure I will be thinking up plenty of questions very soon



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Andy, be warned, once you start making your own Bacon, there's no going back!

Here's a link to my Cook Book, this has my attempt at Bacon.
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thank you mate ill take a very close look at that info.


cant wait to try a "proper" piece of bacon instead of the water and chemical injected rubbish that passes for food these days


ooh and I get to leave the rind on, the BEST bit by far

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Try it, and you will not buy Supermarket Bacon again.
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You may also find this helpful


DryCureBacon-Stepbystep2.pdf 624k .pdf file

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thank you wade


that was a fantastic read and I cant wait for payday to get experimenting. I have just hot smoked some chicken with Applewood and a rub from here it is divine.


some tweaks need to be made to the smoker before I also try again need to be made.


all in all I'm very happy :)

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duplicate oops

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