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First pulled pork

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Today I'm doing my first pulled pork. About an hour and half away from wrapping but seems to be going great. Got a good bark going. Rub is pepper salt onion and garlic powder. Chilli powder and paprika with a hint of white sugar. Injected with apple cider vinegar. [IMG]
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its looking good let us know how it turns out

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Well my first pulled pork was a hit. Had a friend and her parents over along with my family of five and it's almost gone. Enough for a couple sandwich for lunch tomorrow. The only things I could have done differently was a longer smoke for deeper smoke flavor. Let ir rest longer. We got eager. Made a finish sauce of 2 tbsp of my rub, cup of apple cider vinegar and half cup of brown sugar. Didn't get a pulled pic but here's a pic before wrapping.
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RG, Nice looking PP sir !

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Looks great! Sounds like you need to cook two next time!
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That butt looks great.



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Originally Posted by GaryHibbert View Post

That butt looks great.



Sure does. He must workout.
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Lol too funny. Thanks for all the positive responses. This one turned out beyond what I thought it would for my first. Lots of reading on how others do there's with a mix of what I like in bbq. Next smoke is gonna be a brisket.
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BBQ your way is what its all about? Right?

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Nice looking butt by the way!

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That looks fantastic. Well done.

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Nice job!



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