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Need some help please

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Threw an 8lb brisket in at 6am, it's now 9:30 and temp is already up to 174! I know there's supposed to be a stall, but I thought it came at a lower temp. I have a master built smoker, using a wireless thermometer. It is very humid here today, but not sure it should make that big of a difference. What do you all think??
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Hmm... need more information i.e. what temp is the smoker set for?  ...have you validated the accuracy of that temp with a third party probe? thick/thin is the brisket? it just a flat or does it have the point attached?  ...have you verified the IT with another probe to make sure the first is not either in an incorrect position or possibly malfunctioning?


Just going on what was provided: 3.5 hours does seem way too FAST in order to break things down enough to have a tender & moist end product.

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Temp is set for 230, double probe therm is in, slab is about 3-4" thick, it's a whole brisket not just the flat. I think it's in the stall now. Been holding at 173 for about a hour now. Not sure if I should wrap it this early or let it fight thru the stall. I've read many different opinions on wrapping or not
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It's a preference thing. Wrapping does soften the outside bark but does speed things up.  It's only 11:34am so you might want to consider waiting it out at least for a while to see if the IT starts moving again.  Kind of depends on when you are having dinner.  Take it you are comfortable that both the box temp and IT probe are providing accurate readings?

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I just wrapped it now, thinking it will speed it up to 205 then I'll bring it out and put it in a cooler for rest. Hoping around 5 it should be ready??
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Sounds like a plan!  BTW: remember to monitor the IT while resting, above 150° for the safe zone. :D

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