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Where is it?

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I posted something here..... Now it seems to be gone. Anybody seen a post about freezing ground pork by me?
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In the bar on the top of the page..... click on "my profile" and look at your posts....

If you don't see it there, look farther down the page for "your drafts".... you may not have hit the "submit" button.....
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It's there.
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I see now. Would be nice if I could delete those drafts that were saved without my knowledge. Just tried. Can't. Oh well.
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If you click on "View all drafts".... there is a "discard drafts" button....
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No "view all drafts", no " discard drafts" button either. If I could get rid of them, I would.
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Thanks Dave, I didn't know I could save drafts or delete them.
Learned something new today, and it's only 2 am.
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The "save draft" is a pretty cool feature.... especially when you are having connection problems.... or..... you have time to think about what you typed... that feature doesn't help me all the time... from the brain to the finger tips... oops...
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