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PORK BUTT ----- Again !!!!

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Pork Butt and Beans


I decided at the last minute to smoke the Butt I was going to do tomorrow. I was later than I really like to start, But decided to smoke @ 275 ° instead of my usual 225 °.


Got my smoker going with about a chimney of charcoal then a split of pecan, I used my weed burner to get it going and heat up the smoker.


I went a little different on my Rub today. I went more Brisket Style, Salt, Pepper and a little of my rub (Mostly S&P)

I don’t inject, no need Butts have plenty of fat and I want to taste Pork, not Beef broth, Dr. Pepper Fruit Juice or anything else just pork. Not to say that sometimes I will do a different flavor profile, But not today.


Got it going at 9:00 AM  (Pretty Late)

Put Beans and Hot Links (Homemade) on at 11:00 AM

(Link to my Beans) http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/201533/garys-smoked-baked-beans

Pulled Links off after about an hour and a half.

I Maintained 275° throughout the first 5 hours.

Pulled Butt after 5 hours and wrapped in foil then back on.

Added another couple of splits and now waiting.

Pulled it at 5:00 PM   Perfect

Let it rest for about 45 min.    Great bark, super juicy and great flavor.




Lite on my rub Heavy on the S&P




Smoking at 275 º





2 hours in, just put on the beans





Beans are Ready



Hot links are ready too



Butt after 5 Hours   Great Bark





At 5 hours cooking at 275 º  IT was 158 º - 160 º    I never check the temp

Just did it for the post.  I know when its ready when I can wiggle the bone.




After 8 hours





Bone pulled out clean




You can see how juicy and tender it is




Pulled with the bark mixed all through




And Finally  MY PLATE   Pulled Pork Sandwich, beans and cole slaw






Thanks for Looking

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Nice smoke Gary, all looks real tasty ! kewl.gif
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Another great cook.

I wish I had that plate right now.
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Man that looks excellent Gary. As I sit here eating an iron skillet chicken breast, I can only imagine how great your meal tastes.

I've never smoked beans before. I'll have to give that a go sometime.

Nice job!
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Nice looking smoke!icon14.gif
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Hey Gary




Beautiful job.  That bark looks great, and so much of it. Mix that in with all that juicy meat, and I'm guessing the PP was real delicious.  Good thing we just finished eating, or I would be drooling all over my computer.


Pulled Pork with coleslaw is one of my favorite foods.


That's one advantage of your smoker over my MES--the bark.  I can get some, but nowhere like yours.  Great job.



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Boy does that look good!

I just the last of my pulled pork tonight in some chilli. I noticed yesterday at Sam's that they had pork shoulder/Boston butts on sale at $1.69. Quests there I going tomorrow! Don't know when I'll cook it, but it won't be to far in the future -- I love my porkie sans witches for lunch!
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Lookin good! Did you notice any difference in the taste/texture of the meat cooking at 275 instead of 225? 

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Nice looking pulled pork, we had PP sandwichs for lunch today. I always forget how good it is till I take that first bite, then I wonder why I even have sanddwich meat in the reefer.


Great looking meal.

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Another wonderful looking meal!

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No I didn't notice any difference in taste or texture 



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Thank guys for the nice comments and thank you WHB and Farmer for the Point  very much appreciated



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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Another great cook.

I wish I had that plate right now.


Come on down I can fix you up.

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now, THAT'S a sammich......monster size, just the way I like 'em. Great job on a new twist of doing them for you....and the Hot Links look awesome as well......Willie

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Thanks Chef



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Looking good, gotta love that bone wiggle!

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Looks awesome. How many pounds was that bad boy? 

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Now that's an Outstanding Looking Pork Butt !!:drool


Beautiful Pulled Pork & Perfect Plate!!:drool


Nice Job, Gary!!!---------:points:


Great Thread!!Thumbs Up




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Thanks guys and you Bear for the point   Did you ever get up and running on your smoker.?



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Pulled pork is on the menu for Sunday....if I remember to thaw a butt....
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