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WSM 22.5

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Hello guys and gals, it's been a long while since I've been on the forum. I'm looking to do a change in equipment and have come to you for advice. I am selling my Horizon 20" and looking at the 22.5 WSM. Anyone know if any web stores that it on sale? 


Also, if you were looking at a temp control unit which one would you recommend? I'm getting out of stick burning for the ease of use so this is a combo I am pursuing. 

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WSMs have a very good manual temp control and i am sure amazon has them as well as some of the outdoor stores on-line shops cabals bass pro and such and also some hardware stores on-line shops may have them 

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I understand they have good manual temp controls, I already have an 18.5 model. I'm looking to be super lazy on real long cooks without going to a watt burner. 

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My apologies.....Although just for the sake of saying.....i have never seen the 14 wsm anthing but 199 the 18 wsm  @ 299 and the 22 wsm @ 399 unless it was used but i know nothing of the auto stokers 

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Years ago I got the 18.5 on sale from a recommendation here, was just hoping to have the same luck on big brother. 

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well you could build a UDS that is pretty much the same size but a lot less cost....thats what i am doing i recently bought the 14.5 about 7 months ago and shortly after realized i needed to go bigger but the cost of the 22.5 just isnt in the budget...

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I have built a good half a dozen or so drums and currently use one when we bbq at work. They are in fact a wonderful smoker but not what I'm wanting this time around. 

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if i come across anything ill post it here 

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I use a digi q dx with my 22.5. Not sure where to get it on sale. I got mine on Amazon.
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Any problems with temps fluctuating? How long of a burn can you get with the 22 

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I use my 18.5 much more frequently so my experience with the 22.5 is less. It will burn hot the 1st few times you use it. Once I got passed that I haven't had any major temp fluctuation issues. I have only been able to get 12-14 hours out of the 22.5 whereas I can get 16-18 out of the 18.5 if I need it. I don't use a temp controller on the 18.5. That thing just settles in and stays there. I have a feeling that additional use of the 22.5 will add to my burn time as the smoky goodness builds up. I generally use the minion method. You may also want to look at an aftermarket door. The stock door is flimsy. Cajun Bandit has a good one
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Anyone with experience with Auber controllers 

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I haven't used the Auber but my BBQ Guru works like a champ.....

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