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Pork Belly

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Recently I smoked bacon for the very first time (25lbs) and it came out fantastic. Today I went to a butcher/market that I have been wanting to try out. I asked if they had whole pork belly and the guy looked at me like "really you want the whole thing". He was surprised because not many ask for it. He had two at $2.99 per lb so I took one of them (didn't have enough for both on me).


I just watched Pit Masters last night and they did pork belly and I said to myself "hell I can do that". So this one i just rubbed down with Jeff's Rub and smoked it at 250° until it hit 140° then I wrapped it with some brown sugar and a little bit of honey and left it til it hit 200° it coasted to 205° by the time I sliced it up.   


It was awesome this way and was juicy and had a lot of flavor. I will do this again for sure (my wife says after I make more bacon).



Rubbed and in the smoker (Skin on)


All cooked 



Sliced up



Thanks for looking.


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Nice smoke! Nothing wrong with a good smoked pork belly!
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Looks delicious! Ive never had it but i will definitiely give it a shot soon
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Hi Link, good looking Pork Belly.

I do Pork Belly a lot!

I use a differant method, use Jeff's rub on the meat side and just score thought the Skin at 1 inch spaces.

Chop onion, carrot and celery, place into a large foil tray, sit Belly on top then add your favourite beer Upto the skin but not over it. Spray skin with PAM and salt, cook at 220'F for 5-6 hours.

Under a heat grill to crisp the skin grilling_smilie.gif

Smokin Monkey 🇬🇧
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Looks tasty! Reminds me I still have a chunk in the freezer!
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Thanks guys. it was pretty good. Picked up three more bellies at Costco today for $2.29 lb. Put these in the freezer for a later date when the temps are cooler. 


Smokin Monkey that sound wonderful I just may try that with one of the three I picked up.

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