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PP stall?

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Hey all, this is my firs real post/q-view. I already posted at the new memmbers thread.

I guess ill explain my problem first. I put 2 7.5 ish lb of bone in butts in the preheated brady around 6:30 this morning. Got home around 11:30 or so(begged my boss for a half a day a month earlier). First thing i did was probe the meat with maverick 733, the dprayed it every 45 min or so with half apple cider vinegar and half apple juice. I was about 9 hours in on smoking at 220-235. Then my first butt wouldnt go above 152, then tge second shortly after. Is this right? Seems a little early for the stall. Thanks in advance for any help or guidence. -Keith
Last night rub with yellow mustard

About 6 hours in.


Right before i foiled

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I've had butts stall as low as the high 130s.  152 isn't unusual at all. 

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I don't know why there is so much variation in stall temps on butts, must have something to do with the relative humidity or something. I just don't know, but it never happens to me at the same temp.


Is it OK to use armadillo rub on pork?:icon_mrgreen: 

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MIU, Your PP is looking good, remember everytime you open the door you prolong your finish time/temp .

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I think the stall difference is because their on different levels.  JMO.

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