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Warming Box Add-on

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Looking to add a warming box\cook chamber to my RF.

I am thinking of making it 24x24x30-36 with several rails to make adjustable for different meats. Goal is to cook more meats and hoping to get into cooking contest or cook-outs.

I want to use the extra WB to cook as a CC if needed.

I saw a few photos but not much detail to what I need.

Please advise if I am wrong or need new ideas.


Going to cut about 4-6" off tank to put a plate against it and make more room for WB.

Adding second stack for smoking or CC.

Adding a hole on side plate with plate to open and shut to make box a CC or WB.

Need to know where and how much openings I need on the WB.

I may need to cut my existing stack inside CC shorter, if I need to leave alone I will, notice it's at the bottom rack.


Photos below.


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I would first check temps of the smoker... use infra red to check top of FB.... round end of CC.....
If temps are high enough, which they should be if you crank up the heat, incorporate the round end of the CC into the WB.... for the little room you will gain, there is no reason to cut off the round end and do all that extra work.... Have the WB door overlap the FB so you can use the top of the FB to cook pizza on... just slide the pizza in and out....

For competition cooks, you might be better off making a second or third smoker.... that way you can cook at different temps etc... maybe even use one for a warming smoker when needed.....
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