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Hi all,


I hope everyone is well out there.  I haven't been on for a while but I broke my smoker out yesterday and started smoking some jerky.

I had some problems and ran right here.


When I was smoking, the temp went up over 200 degrees which I find toasts the jerky rather than dries it.  I tried closing the dampers more and more, just shy of risking putting out the fire but it still got to hot.


I have a vertical smoke with an offset fire box.  You can see it in my profile picture. I set up the fire box like I would for a long slow smoke.  I did this because I planned on smoking jerky for a while.  I got frustrated and only did one full load in the smoker.  I didn't want to risk wasting this valuable product.  lol


So can anyone offer some suggestions on how to keep the temp down some?  I was going to open the door but I was afraid it would go down to low then.  I probably should have tried that.


All suggestions are welcome.