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SS Fridge build in progress

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So I have a good start on my fridge smoker, Just have a few questions that hopefully someone out there will help me with.


1. any suggestions on sealing the gaps around my firebox door? 55 gal. barrell


2. As you can see from the pics where the smoke flows up, it doesnt seem to be reaching all areas of the CC like tword the bottom. Do you think that my smoke supply is to high in the box? should I route it tword the bottom?


3. I have a fairly decent size gap on the CC door as you can see. I would say its around 1/2" gap. Any recommendations on how to fill that gap and seal it?


4. Do you think my smoke exchange pipe is to long, should I shorten it?


5. Do you have any other suggestions on how to make this thing better?










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First off, let me say that I am a fan of this site. The information here is great and there are a lot of people here with great knowledge and expertise.

With that said, I really dont belive that with all the knowledge and expertise that not one person had any suggestions for me on my build. Specifically on this thread. Not even a comment. Nothing. I have to admit i was pretty offended. But none the less, im glad i didnt wait for a constructive comment or an answer to one of my questions. The product turned out fantastic.

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are you getting a good draft? and you could lower you firebox some if you thought it would help. I think it's a cool setup. I'd get some smoker gasket for around the cook chamber door. they sell it on eBay and for the fire box door I would roset weld some metal around the inside of the firebox so the door has something to rest against and seal from there. food looks excellent! had to ask how hot is that thing getting? I might be concerned about the would in the cook chambe
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Well to start. ..heat and smoke rise, so placing your inlet at the bottom will get you equal smoke throughout. McMaster carr sells fiberglass gasket rope that will seal your door nicely. .good luck
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from looking at pics.. I would suggest the pipe needs to be raised in the firebox (55 gal. drum) all the way to the top on the end .. instead of in the center on the end... and then put it at the very bottom of the cook chamber... as said above, heat rises...

what size is the pipe going from FB to CC ??? what size exhaust vent do you have?... what is total sq. inches of your intake vents ? where are intakes locate ?
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