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Tony Packo's and M A S H

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Has any body attempted to make Tony Packo's famous Hungarian sausages or the famous hot dog sauce? Max Klinger sure liked them.

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according to Wikipedia:
"Tony's signature "sausage-and-sauce sandwich" on rye was first made when he decided to add a spicy chili sauce to his sandwiches for more flavor. Eventually, his creation became known as the "Hungarian hot dog", even though no such thing had come from the Old Country. The dish quickly became popular and the cafe is now billed as "the place where man bites dog".[1] The "hot dog" is really a Hungarian sausage called Kolbász, not unlike the Polish kielbasa, about twice the diameter of a conventional hot dog, and slicing the sausage in half yields about the same amount of meat."
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Yeah I've read that info. I searched here earlier for Kolbasz sausage. The few threads that are here don't have a recipe. Looked at Len Poli and he has a recipe for the sausage. I know that the hot dog sauce is a type of chili sauce. Sounds like a fun project!

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I had Tony Packo's twice last Summer. The chili sauce is kind of runny for my preference, but tastes very good. The sausage is good too, but nothing really stands out about it.


I think you can have hot dog kits shipped to you. :sausage: Maybe reverse engineer it?:pot:

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Tony Packo's also has some lines of pickles, peppers, and pickle/pepper combinations which can be pretty good. Their brine flavors vary more than the line of Vlasic products which seem to all have the same background flavor, but depending on where you buy the Packo's, it might be shelf-stale and not the best sample.

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tony packo's bbq sauce is actually really good. didn't have time to make my own and Meijer had some on clearance for 2.00 for a jar. excellent (especially for the price).


liked their hot dogs, had some true smoke flavor to them (kind of a hybrid between kielbasa and normal everyday hotdogs) but Costco doesn't carry them anymore in my area.

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