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SMF Hacked??  

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Just looked under new posts and a lot of foreign language in posts??



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Well that was weird now they are all gone?? And no I have not started drinking but I might LOL 



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Spam everywhere,  WTF is going on?

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The SPAM attack has been going on for months.... Admin has been clearing and banning folks as fast as they can....
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Been noticing this too, especially late at night.... All those foreign spam ads, getting very annoying!!!

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The fact that they vanish shows that the admins are on the job. But DANG what an assault! Give them five minutes and they'll fill five pages of selling ... what? Can anyone on this board read Korean and say what it is they're selling?


Funny thing is, there's some great Korean grilling. You have to respect a culture that features a lit grill in the center of the table that everyone is sitting around.

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Im glad i seen this because i had no idea what those were. (i never opened one)

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The grill in the table - who on this board wouldn't love a setup like this?


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Why would anyone want to target the site?  Whats the point.  Unless its a competitor, what a waste of life to spend time spamming people (even if its just time taken to set up the bot).  Im at a loss. 

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We have been working to ban and delete these spammers who are posting.

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Dont get me wrong i understand you guys are doing what you can. im sure i am not the only one that appriciates that.

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Originally Posted by nepas View Post

We have been working to ban and delete these spammers who are posting.

Rick you guys are doing a fantastic job.

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You guys and gals taking care of this site ROCK!! Kudos to all of you!!!



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I've been banning spammers on the Outback board but the attack there is nothing like here. That board gets maybe one or two new IP addresses posting ads or streaming video links per day, but nothing like the multiple-page spew that's directed at SMF.

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It's crazy we only thought the ones from India were bad these new morons have taken it to a knew level. Many evenings Brian and I check registrations almost every minute and ban 20-50 an evening before they even get a chance to post I also do the same thing in the morning before I have to start working. All the Mods and Admins are doing all they can and yet we still can't stop all of them. Adam, Rick, Joe, and Bob have been spending a lot of time banning and cleaning too. Huddler is working on a solution but it takes time

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You guys should maybe get some better authentication.  Ask a logical question that most people can answer or something. 

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I'm definitely not a computer whiz by any means, but isn't there some type of filter or other means to stop this mess?
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Iv not been on the forum for weeks because of the hackers. Every time I signed in I was diverted to a gambling site!! Bloody annoying.
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if it is a bot and not a real person doing the spamming, a "captcha" type device should help prevent bots from signing up and posting.


a captcha is something that stops robots from signing up by asking a question that a robot can't figure out, and only an actual human can. such as reading words on a skewed graphic or answering an simple question.


this does get annoying for real users though, because they have to go to an extra step to submit a post or sign up for an account depending where the captcha is placed..

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Originally Posted by BlueWhisper View Post

The grill in the table - who on this board wouldn't love a setup like this?


thats the most amazing thing i have every seen.  If it was mine, it would be my christmas card photo. 

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