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Hello.  GREAT JOB GUYS! Cracking day!  Thanks to all the folks who helped make this year another success!  I am sure pictures will start turning up soon.  We are growing slowly BUT! we are growing.


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Hey guys, what a cracking few days, thanks to everyone who organised the meet and everyone who came. I had a great time meeting you all and learning some new stuff to help me along the way. The food was all great and the company also :)
Sorry I had to shoot off so early this morning but needs must and all that, can't wait until next year!
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I'm gutted I couldn't attend. Fingers crossed I can make it next year. I hope plenty of pics were taken 😀👍
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Sounds like I missed another good do but I was with you in spirit !

Did a 2kg pork shoulder on the Weber with beech chunks and we loved the difference in taste from the cherry I usually use. Seven and a half hour cook and I only lifted the lid once to pop in some ABT's ( new recipe I was gonna unveil at Woodhall, cream cheese, streaky bacon and haggis, well worth the effort) that thing basically runs itself with the Maverick and a snake of Heat Beads, just needed to rattle out the ashes when the Maveric showed the temperature was starting to drop. Val made a variation of The Hairy Biker's BBQ sauce to finish it off, that's marital bliss for you :icon_lol:

Can't wait to see some pics, you all know the Q rule, If there's no pictures, it never happened !

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Thanks to everyone who attended a fantastic weekend of smoking perfection. It was fantastic meeting you all. A special thanks to Wade & Steve for all your hard work and commitment, it couldn't have happened without you both.
Til next near...
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Originally Posted by Wade View Post

Just a quick thank you to everyone who helped make this years meet such a success - especially the other halves who have to put up with our little hobby. It was great to see you all, some for the second time, and it was good to see so many different types of smoker being used. As usual we had more food than we could comfortably eat and so it was great to be able to offer the fantastic food to others on the camp site. The interest shown by them in how we smoked the meat was also encouraging.

What date did we say next years meet was going to be biggrin.gif
I will second Wade on that, thanks to our better halfs for all the help. Hopefully will get some picture posted up shortly!

So come on Guys, what date are we going for? Will put three weekends up to choose from, the one with the biggest response from members, will be the one we pick!
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Well, what a bloody awful weekend that was.

A weekend of laughs, beer, great food and for the UK decent weather. If any of you suggest another event next year, then think again!

And get the bloody date sorted quickly yahoo.gif

I think the term used is - a special shout out to Wade & Steve for all the equipment you both supplied. Also for your advice and guidance to this noob. I picked up some great tips and I'm sure as a result of the weekend my cooking will only get better.

It was lovely to meet everyone (well maybe not that mackem bloke biggrin.gif ).

Saturday evening definitely went down well and it was fabulous to see the various families camping on site slowly drift across, enjoy the food and discover that BBQ isn't really about burnt sausage and burgers.

I said to Steve this morning that just before I went to sleep last night I had an image of how brilliant it would be if fithafield could be full of people that wanted to learn how to BBQ correctly and we had a Saturday with many more bbq's pushing smoke out into the air above Woodhall Spa.

Onwards and upwards and here's to a bigger event in 2016.
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My phone died on Saturday but I did get one or two pictures.

Two fatties and chicken tikka prepped

The fatties just before coming off the grill

Brian's beef ribs

Can't remember who did this

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Hi Paul.  They did a good job didn't they!  GREAT job to the new Group Leads!  You guys out did yourselves.  FINE gathering/party.  The newer members also contributed some GREAT food.  WELL DONE to you all.  I want a recipe or two.  You guys did attract a lot of interest from the public.  We even had a couple of older ladies who had already eaten come round and sample some food.  They were amazed it was all done on the smokers.  They sounded interested and asked numerous question and so did others.  Maybe we found a new member or 2.


Next year I will pull my head out and get there when I should; and bring along the smokers and some dishes you would usually get at a Texas BBQ.  Gotta try new things.  Keep Smokin!


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I didn't take that many photos, but I got a few...

Smokers of all shapes and sizes

Paul's fatties looking great

The Feast!!

That's all I have I'm afraid, thanks again for a great weekend!
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Looks like a great time had by all.

Ill try hard to get next year off


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