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First UDS build

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After seeing all the fun everyone else was having building their UDS's I just had to get in on the fun. This was about a month and a half long project as i took a break for the birth of my daughter. So I figured what a better day to finally finish than fathers day.


I was given an unlined drum from Line-x, after two burnouts with runners stolen from work i was in business, after wards the paint job was done. Followed by being woken up at 2am by the wife telling me its time to go to the hopspital, 4 weeks early. After this amazing life changing moment its been a month and im back on the project. I found an old bacon press i used as a lid handle and i made the usual charcoal basket out of an 18 in charcoal grate and expanded metal bought from lowes, i then bolted on 3 - 4 in SS bolts through at 16 in pizza pan. Got it fired up today with a 15 lb bag of stubbs and shes smokin away right now. Been going strong for 4 hours between 220 and 250.



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Looks like that dog will hunt. Congrats on the new baby. 

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Thanks! I'm digging this thing. It held temp for about 8 hours and finally started to die out. I cranked open one vent and it shot right back up. After I shut her down I had barely used any fuel so I'm not sure why I lost temp. I started with about half a chimney of coal so maybe I need more. It did burn unevenly in the basket. :/ trial and error, I still love it.
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