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For Sale:
Reverse Flow Offset Smoker

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

firebox and cooking chamber are 1/4" thick steel, cooking chamber is 70"x30", two 5'x16" doors, 1 1/2" grease drain, two removable racks, bottom rack is-58"x28", top rack is 58"x22", 5'x30" storage area on front, warming box with two vents-40" tall, 17" deep, and 24" wide with 3-racks and drip shelf with drain, warming box also has dampers to control heat into it, firebox bottom is lined with firebricks, 4 vents to control draft, has a charcoal basket and removable dividers for the "snake method burn", spare tire,  cooker is very clean and in excellent condition, 1 year old, 5 cooks, located near Chicago,IL phone-815-488-7217 or