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Help with inside round

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I have a 11-12 lbs. inside round I want to smoke for dad's day I could use a little advice. How long,temp ,rubs,marinades. Any tips would be great. I have an offset and am pretty handy with it. At least I think so.
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Round is a very lean cut of meat.  I like to smoke lean cuts with strong woods like hickory or oak.  You want to smoke it at a 200-225F chamber temp until the IT is 120-125 (rare), 130-135 max (med rare).  You can reverse sear it on a grill for just a couple minutes per side to give the outside some color.  Let it rest a while then slice it REAL thin and serve it with some au jus, creamed horseradish, or as a French Dip. 


There is all kinds of stuff you can put on the outside.  I prefer salt, coarse black pepper, a little garlic and onion powder.  I've added fresh rosemary too and was not crazy about it.


Here's a similar cut of meat.



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Would marinating and injecting be a good course of action?
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I have never marinated or injected the cut because it is so flavorful and juicy when done right.  Others will have to chime in if they have. 

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NB.... nice looking roast.... done perfect for me......
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