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Pre Build Question

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Howdy! So I have ordered the smokey joe and imusa pot but I have a question but I was hoping someone can help me out with a question I have. How much space is there between the inner wall of the pot and the cooking grate? I had a plan to use the self brackets and clips that I have seen some guys use in the UDS builds but I am not sure if there is enough room for the vertical supports. The vertical supports are 3/16" thick and I would need room for 3 so I need just over 1/2" of space between the inside of the pot and the grate. Will i have enough space? Thanks for the help!

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I don't think you are going to have 9/16" room to spare.  The standard Weber cooking grills fit pretty well with a little clearance all the way around but I don't think anywhere near that much.  Somebody who has the mini WSM closeby may be able to measure theirs for you and tell you exactly.

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From looking at pictures thats what i figured. But i thought if someone with an imusa pot could measure theirs to verify i could know whether or not I should order the parts to do it. The pot and grill wont be here for a while (i am over seas right now) and I wanted to get the other parts ordered so they can begin the long journey as well.

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I built a jumbo mini recently. This is what I did so I could have adjustable racks. I made four brackets using 1/16 x 3/4 x 3/4 aluminum angle cutting notches for rack heights. I bolted two on each side of the pot slightly wider than the handles.

I then modified the grates to fit past the angles.

Drop the grate down, flat edge toward angles and twist into the notch you want to use.

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Thanks for the idea, i came across your post the other day and have it down as an option. Here is a picture of the rails and clips id really like to use. Like I said the only issue is if there is enough room or a way to get the grate to fit past the installed rails.

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If I am not mistaken, jarjarchef has that type brackets in his jumbo and has issues with the clips falling out every once in a while when he is loading the racks. Just something to think about.
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