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Pepper Sticks

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Family wanted to have some sticks made.  They just don't last long around here.  This time around I wanted to go with a little Kick in the stick.  So I ordered me some pepper stick seasoning from Curley's.  Enough for the 10 pounds of 80/20 burger I had.  Well here is what I used:


10 pounds of 80/20 ground beef

1 pack of Curley's pepper stick seasoning [enough for 10 pounds]

2 tsp of cure#1

2 cups of dry powdered milk

2 3/4 cups of water



Sprinkled the powdered milk over the meat.  Mixed the seasoning and cure in the water and poured it over the mix.  Then mixed everything up well.  Put the sausage mix in the fridge overnight so the cure and seasonings could meld.  Next day I stuffed the mix in collagen casings.  10 pounds of sticks don't fit well in my MES 30 so I put all the sticks on jerky racks and put them in my Barrel style Char-Griller grill/smoker.  It does have the side fire box as well.  But I used the AMPS smoker tube and filled it up with Cherry pellets.Started the tube up with my propane torch and I was in buisness.  Kept the sticks in the CharGriller for about 5 hours.  Then I finished the sticks off in the oven at 225 and left the sticks in there until I had an internal of 160.  For those that have never finished off smoked sausage in the oven, let me tell you, you get just as good color there, as you get in the smoker.  Using the Char-Griller to get me the smoke flavor I wanted and the oven to finish them off at times make for good partners.  Here are some pics:



!0 pounds of 80/20 ready for some love in the lugger.


Seasoning, powdered milk, cure , and water top off the mix.


Here are the long links stuffed in 22 mm collagen casings placed on my jerky racks.



Great smoky flavor and color along with a good taste and a little kick.


They were a hit with the family, so I will be making them again.  Next half the batch with some high temp cheese.  Reinhard

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Nice sticks Rein...I bet they were a hit...........A little long period of time between the fridge and the stuffing



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Those look fantastic!
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Thanks guy's!!  Ya, boykjo, I fixed that time frame LOL.  Reinhard

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Originally Posted by Reinhard View Post

Thanks guy's!!  Ya, boykjo, I fixed that time frame LOL.  Reinhard

I may have to try some of the mixes.Nice looking sticks.


Thumbs Up

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Looks great, I'll have to try some poultry sticks, after I get my Greenhorns out of the way.....
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Man they look great.
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Those look great! Wish I wasn't so lazy and had the stuff to make them.
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RH, Good looking sticks !!!!!! :points:

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Fine looking sticks!



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Great looking sticks 





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