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all about timing

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Ok so today I'm gonna do a mixed cook and I need advice on timing. Goal is to have all finish together-ish. Also ballpark, what kind of time am I looking at for the main dishes? I'm doing 2 fatties, corn on the cob, atomic Buffalo turds and stuffed whole onins? I know I'm gonna cook around 225 and Tha fatties go till 160. Ideas on time and suggestions on when to put sides on? Thanks a ton. Will up load pics when done
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Your onions probably will take as long as the fatties. The ABT's take about 45min-1hour. Fatties take about 2-3 hours. Corn depends on if it's wrapped in foil husk on or off. Corn probably no more than 1 1/2 hours.
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Awesome! Thank you!
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I do my ABT's for 90 minutes and they come our perfect. 



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I'm still learning this forum but there are my first fatties. One is bacon cheese burger the other is taco style. Thanks for your help
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It looks great. Don't forget to start a log with all your smokes if you haven't already it's great reference material for future smokes. Times, temps, wood choices, etc

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