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Bbq bacon recipe

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So my father in law and I are in local bbq comp in two weeks. We are the defending champs for second year in a row. Rumor has it they are goin:usa:g to throw bacon at us this year as a turn in meat. Anyone have any bad ass recipes or ideas to show case bacon? Thinking hard about stuffed mushrooms with bacon. Its also going to be peoples chioce meat.
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Bacon rapped fingerling potatoes
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do you have a recipe for them?
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Whole slab?


Something quite similar to that is what I would do. its totally outrageously awesome!

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I have been working on one thats really different, but have not put the time into perfecting it though. Making bacon roses on a stick, deep fring and then dipped in chocolate. Like I said not perfected yet though. Can't be hard though.


I have figured out the stem componet, the attaching device, then just wrap the par-cooked bacon. I need to learn more about chocolate tempering and parafin chocolates I think.


Just imagine Valentines day giving your sweetie a dozen USDA chocolate covered bacon roses! Besides now it wouyld be ok for the ladies to give the guys roses too!

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I had some pork belly chunks deep fat fried and the served with a whipped peanut butter and honey combo 20150609_184335.jpg 4072k .jpg file
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