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Rinse before smoking??

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I spatchcocked 2 chickens and soaked them overnight in a buttermilk / spice mixture similar to how you would do when prepping for fried chicken. I, however, intend to smoke them on my LG 900.... The question is, should I rinse, dry, and re-season before putting them on the smoke, or not?

This is an experiment for me and am just looking for some input. Thanks!
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I would rinse personally !
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Ya, I feel like rinsing is the way to go as well. I'll let ya know how it all comes out.
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I'm in the other boat on this. I don't rinse anything unless it's fish and been curing. Rinsing poultry is a good way to spread salmonella.
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I guess I'm old school, I rinse everything, when I'm finished I spray everything with my trusty bottle of bleach water.  



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I like to rinse all of my meat, then thoroughly clean everything when I'm through. It's just a habit that I don't intend to break. Joe
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I believe I would wash the B Milk off too . I think someone did a B Milk covered Chick , and was decent...  I'm not into that and will stay O.S. too :cool: I pay dearly for my meat :cool:  and Trish says


no experiments , period :icon_exclaim:


But I don't spray Bleach on it like some of the 'Phobics' , Gary . . .:ROTF

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