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Is there a good recipe/practice to smoke and dehydrate garlic
I have both hot and cold smoker and would like to use finished product in a grinder
Thank you
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Below is a link to how I dry garlic..... As a note, garlic, like other root crops, are a source of botulism.... storing in a low oxygen environment can cause botulism to multiply.... that is evident is garlic stored in oil.... soooooooo, I dry the slices until they are DRY.... crisp dry.... I make every attempt to get ALL the moisture out of the chips..... There could still be spores in the chips but they are never rehydrated and put in a low oxygen environment... that little disclaimer is there so you do not think they are sterilized... We have stored dried garlic in sealed jars for a year or longer... It is still very garlicky and strong in flavor....

For adding smoke flavor, I would cold smoke the dried chips, on a screen tray, like a splatter screen you might use on your frying pan... like folks do for adding smoke to salt etc.... I would grind just before use for best flavor... ground garlic loses it's flavor in a short time... we grind dried chips and it has intense garlic flavor.... if you can, try adding chips to food, like mashed spuds... or crush and add to meat loaf...

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