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Brisket on the MES

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Have not posted in a while so I thought I would add a pic of my usual split packer on my MES setup.

This one was a smaller 12lb USDA Prime Packer from Costco. Seasoned with Montreal Steak Seasoning and put on the MES. The point half went on first then I added the flat half about 2 hrs later.

Pulled the point half at 195F as it passed the toothpick test. The plan is to make burnt ends out of the point tomorrow for our daughters birthday party. May even make burnt ends out of the flat. Will wait and see


1- 12 lb USDA Prime Costco Packer
Montreal Steak Seasoning

Trimmed brisket per Aaron Franklin and seasoned with Montreal Steak Seasoning.
Cut the packer in half, DID NOT separate the point from the flat. The point portion has a small bit of flat attached to it.
Added to my 30" MES, at ~ 6:30 AM
Set temp to 235F and smoked with Cherry
Added Flat half about 2 hrs later ~8:30
Smoked UNWRAPPED the entire time.
Pulled at 195F after passing the toothpick test ~3:10 PM (approx 8 1/2 hr smoke)

Here is the point half after being pulled from the smoker.

Will post pics tomorrow of the burnt ends.
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Flat half is off the smoker

Both are sitting in the fridge ready for tomorrows party. Will make the burnt ends on my 22" Weber Kettle
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Nice Brisket parts , now ,  be sure to post Party Q-view...


Have fun and . . .

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