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where does everybody in the Phoenix area purchase their wood splits for their smoker?  I recently purchased a BTLE and did some mods.  I have just been getting the 25 lb hickory bags from HD but am curious to what others do for their wood supply.

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I bought wood in splits in North Phoenix.  I Got some Pecan, Mesquite,  Apple, (they have other fruit woods too)  and seems like I also got a little bit of Oak from them.  I don't think they have hickory...but Pecan is Arizona's Hickory as they say ... GRIN ....They also sell other woods, but mostly for fireplaces etc.


The phone number is 623-680-9171 - I found them very reasonable....and they will sell you virtually any quantities that you will need - down to a paper bag size.


They currently have an ad on Craigslist.....

FIREWOOD and COOKING WOOD - $20 (Firewood and Cooking Wood in N. Phx.)


Hope it helps !!!

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ok thanks for the advice.  i have seen their ad in craigslist and was curious, but now i have a recommendation from a past customer!

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This might be the same place, but their address is 

1416 E Aire Libre Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85022
There are two houses on this street that sell a good variety of wood. Much better pricing than anywhere else I've seen.
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One of the houses is Firewood by Jerry, which google maps has down on Greenway and 7th St, which is incorrect.

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The Aire Libre address is the one I have used... Great to deal with.  

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Yes I just bought some apple and pecan that paired well with the pork butt and ribs I smoked this weekend. $15 for each barrel.
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Thanks for the tips.  I just started with smoking and have been buying the small bags from Lowes/Home Depot.  I'll definitely be visiting these folks soon.  It's starting to cool down a bit and perfect weather for smoking. 

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