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Bird and beans

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Brined the chicken (5% salt + 3% sugar), rubbed it and left it in the fridge on a rack overnight loosely covered with cheesecloth. In the smoker with cherry wood at 250 F to 160 F internal. The beans are white beans with tomato sauce, mustard, vinegar, Worcestershire, brown sugar, pork rub and a mixture of diced bacon, onion and garlic sautéed together. I rubbed and smoked a pork tenderloin to 140 F yesterday, diced that up this morning and mixed it into the beans and tossed them in the smoker with the chicken. Potato salad completed the meal. Apologies for the lack of smoker pics, I'm using an unmodified Bradley and don't like to let the heat out if I can avoid it. 

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Looks like some great chow! That bird has great color!
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Nice looking stuff , your Bird is marvelous . What did you say the Rub was :icon_question: The beans sound very good.


I'm doing some Wings tomorrow and I'm going to do some Beans too , but I'm doing Pintos . The Wife wants Hotdogs . so I'll run back and forth to my smoker


on this one .  :icon_mad:


Have fun and . . .

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Thank you both for the kind words.

The rub was just a mixture of brown sugar, paprika, salt, celery salt, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, sage, thyme and cayenne. Pintos were actually what I wanted to do, they're probably my favorite bean, but the only store we have where I live was out when I went to get them. So white beans were the backup plan.

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Hey Larry


Chicken looks great.  And the beans--well that's pretty much how I make my campfire beans.  Love them.



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