Another WSM newbie!

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My pre-used WSM 22.5" obtained as a gift from a family member is ready to roll now.  Following some of the excellent advice and tips found on this forum, I have a couple of pork loins going now.  We will see!

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Results were excellent. Pork loins were well cooked, juicy, smoke ring present...ready to take on chicken!
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Sounds like a nice gift!th_nopicsye3.gif
Glad it turned out for you!
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Too true!...having trouble posting a pic...
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Welcome to the bullet smoker world.  There's no turning back.  One great smoker.

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Huge problem I have with the WSM... :icon_eek:



Too much meat and other goodies to smoke and so little time... :icon_mrgreen:



Have fun!!!

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Another attempt at posting pics


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The pork loins and salmon turned out great!  Today I followed some tips on the site and made bacon wrapped chicken breasts on the smoker...they were declared a new favorite!!  Here's the finished product