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Help for whole chickens

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Hey all,

I bought myself a 14.5" Weber smoker and i plan on starting off with 2 whole chikens approximately 3lbs each.i plan on cooking 1 with the beer can and holder, and the other right on the grill. Here are my questions

How much charcoal should i use?
What is the ideal cooking temp?
What part of the chicken should i be putting on the grill?
I've got apple and hickory wood chunks. Has anyonetried cooking with both at the same time?
How much wood should i use?

Thanks for the tips.

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Ideal temp for me is around 215-225 to be cooking them at but I have gone and cooked them closer to 250. I have use apple and hickory together and I uses a 50/50 mix make sure they are soaked in water before you put them on your heat source. I have never used charcoal before so I can't help you out on how much charcoal to use. I would say about a 1/2-3/4 cup of chips total. The chicken that goes on the grate I would put it with the breasts up so it's on it's back with the thighs closer to the heat. Hope this helps and happy BBQing.
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Thanks for the tips. Can't wait to get started.
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Chrisgbo ,Take the cooker heat to around 275*F to 300*F for a crispier Skin . Take the IMT t 165*F in Breast and 170*F in the Thighs .


Start with a chimney of golwing coals let the temp. rise a few min. till it settles , add more if needed to get over you temp . adjust your intake


so it is at your chosen cooking temp., then place the Birds in and have the one on  a Beer Can siting up and the other on her back Thumbs Up .


There is no reason to Brine an 'enhanced ' Chicken , it comes in a Brine and works great .


Apple and Hickory are good choices , I's use 1:3  / Hickory : Apple . . . the amount , use the Hick. for long lasting heat and apple for flavor .


Have fun and . . .

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Thanks old school.
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Newbie here, I smoked my first two chickens this week. I bring before smoking and the meat can't out great, but the skin was really tough. Is this a normal occurance with smoked birds?
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