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Bloinks - First Attempt, with QVue

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Since does don't "moo", they "bleat", these have to be called "Bloinks"!


1 lb ground venison (doe in this case)

1 lb ground pork

1/4 c Italian Seasoned breadcrumbs

1/4 c BBQ rub (my wife's blend)

2 eggs

small cubes of cheese (I used Velveeta here, but any cheese would work)

Bacon strips cut in half



Mix together meat, spices, crumbs and eggs, real well. Form into golf ball size balls, poke a hole, drop in cheese cube and form ball around cheese.  Wrap with 1/2 strip bacon, poke with toothpick to hold bacon.  Place on smoker rack (after spraying with non-stick spray!).  Smoker (MES 30) set at 240 deg (Inside temp is ~225), hickory pellets in the AMNPS.  Smoked for two hours and checked IT - it was about 170 - 177 in various places on the rack.  Could have pulled them a bit sooner (IT 165).  Turned on grill and put them on for about 1 min each to crisp the bacon.


Judging by the SMF - DQ (SmokingMeatForum - Disappearance Quotient) these were a real hit!!  Even the wife (who is not (WAS NOT??) a smoke fan) said she LOVED them!  Score!


The QVues:


Mixed, forming balls:


Wrapped and on the rack - sprinkled some more rub on them.


Into the MES30!!




Bear view:

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Looks tasty! Nice smoke!

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DG, Nice job !!!!!!:points:

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