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Melting temp chart?

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Where can I find a chart of melting points for various cheeses? I realize this is not an absolute science, but I can't find anything that's even general.


I'm about to build a 'redneck' smoke generator for my Char-Broil box smoker. I'm in the mountains of south western Virginia at a half mile above sea level. Day time highs are approaching 80*, but night time lows are in the mid 50s. I'm hoping I can do this in the evenings when it's cool.


I have learned that the average melting point of cheddar is around 90, but I have no clue about other cheeses.


I've never done this before, but I know I can with the guidance from the more experienced members here.


Thanks, fellas!

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If you transit the smoke thru an aluminum flex pipe, before the smoke gets to the smoker, your temps will be very close to ambient...


Placing the cheese on Todd's Q-MATZ really helps support it well, and stops it from sagging...... All I have is a picture of ribs on the matz...

... ...
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Thanks, Dave. I had intended to do just that, except through a smaller tube.


I'll be experimenting with my construction design first to learn how (well?) it works. If it works, I'll proceed to the cheese. One step at a time.

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Smoke gen goes in the mail box and cold smoke ends up in the smoker.... My set up.....

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