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The kiddo wanted steaks

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Just thought I'd share. I threw some steaks in the black olive tonight. They came out wonderful. I really enjoy using this grill/smoker. Heats up fast holds heat like a champ.

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Nice indeed,  Looks great  points1.png



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Wow. I love steak.
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Hoooo , that looks nice . You need o send me tat and let me taste test it , it may be contaminated , I'll be your Lab Rat.:ROTF


Plating was super. Good job thumb1.gif .


Have fun and . . .

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Nice looking steaks! I see you made a few small ones for yourself too!
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Stunning steaks, Sir!



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Nice Job!!Thumbs Up


Mighty Tasty!!:drool---------------:points:


Awesome Plate!!  (I had to look twice---Looks like my Kinda plate with that Steak & those sides)




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Great looking steaks!
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