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Very nice post. I enjoyed the look , thanks


I need to do some of these.

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Made them today.


Only the two in the back were beer can burgers- the little ones not so adventurous. One had american cheese, mushrooms peppers, the other colby jack, mushrooms, peppers. Great recipe. Two things- in over 20 years of smoking I never did burgers. They don't shrink even with 80% lean. They were huge. Also, I just threw in a small hand full of applewood chips. Still very strong smoke. Next time I will do coals only. Try them though....awesome!

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Nice work on those burgers!!!!  They look great!!  Reinhard

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Awesome Burgers, much like mine but smoked with whiskey.

Originally Posted by Reinhard View Post

Well, from a Juicy Lucy to the Beer Can Burger.  Kind of like a Lucy but without the extra patty.  Really like these!!  You can fill them with what you want and I don't need no letttuce leaves or tomato slices on my bun with these.  My daughter showed me a pic on one while over at her house and I knew I had to try it.  Here is what I did:

You could buy your own patties, but for me they are not thick enough so I form my own..

Press the beer can down in the center of the patty about half way down.

Form the meat around the can like this and put a slice of bacon around the burger.

Pull the beer can out of the meat and drink the beer.  This is how they looked on the smoker grate before filling them.

For the filling this time around I fried up some onions and mushrooms.  Put some of the sauce I make up in the bottom of the bowl [about one tablespoon], onions and mushromms and a couple of chunks of pepper jack in some and swiss in the others.  Then some more onions and mushrooms and another tablespoon of sauce.  Topped them all of with some strips of cheese.

Well they are almost done.  Had them in the smoker at 270.  Added some oak/maple smoke too.

Had about 5 minutes to go in the smoker so I couldn't help myself and added some cheddar cheese on top of the other cheese for another melt and they were done.

This burger is ready to be devoured!!

Put more sauce on my buns and that's all that was needed for a wonderful burger along with some potato salad.  Reinhard
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Made some more of these great burgers.  Love it when I see others with their creations.  This will probably be the only type of burger I will be making for me.  My wife eats them without a but but I have to have it on a but, but either way they are tasty.  This difference this time around is that I did them on my Char-Griller barrel type smoker/grill.  Last time they were done in my smoker.  Now I wanted to do them in in-direct heat on the grill but decided to put them over direct heat but elevated on the top rack.  I also Used my "temperature control device" I invented for myself LOL.  A 10 inch piece of 2 by 4 to keep the lid up when I want to keep the temp a bit down.  Works well for me.  Beer can burgers take a little longer than most burgers so I didn't want them right over the flames.   I used thick slice bacon this time [it was on sale].  Applewood smoked.  I fried up some of it just so the bacon was almost done.  Otherwise the burger would be done before the bacon.  Also needed two pieces of bacon to make a circle around the burger instead of one, because of the shrinkage due to partially cooking it.  Here are some pics.



Sliced onions and jalapenos start to simmer for the burgers.


Fry'd the bacon to give it a head start on the burger.  Took two slices per burger.  Had to use tooth picks this time to keep them on the burger.


These burgers were about 8 or more ounces each.  Bacon strapped on.


Put some jalapeno peppers and sweet onions in the whole.  Seasoned the burger with McKormicks Montreal steak seasoning.  


Dropped some pepper jack cheese in the hole.


Then some more sweet onions and jalapeno peppers on top of that.


Looks like the pepper jack cheese is trying to escape.  Better cap it off with more cheese.


Cheese lava overflow, so I put two slices of pablano cheese on to of the crater.  It was awesome!!!  Reinhard.

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Do you know if the bacon is just for flavor or if its structurally necessary to hold the shape. I'd love to be able to do it without, but if they fall apart without, then I'd go to the effort.

I just don't have bacon on hand and don't want to make another stop. Thanks!
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Man the smoke flavor bacon takes on!  Its incredible.  Also, the fat/juices from the smokey bacon leave residue on the beef, which is UMMMMMMM, the best!!!

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The bacon does help support the "bowl" formation.  Haven't tried it without bacon.  The first one I made I used thin sliced bacon and while I was wrapping it around the beer can I streched the bacon so it would make the trip around the circle and didn't need tooth picks to secure it. It held on it's own.  The one shown here I used thick sliced bacon, so I had to pre-fry it to half way done or so creating shrinkage so I had to use two strips and secured them with tooth picks.  Try forming the ground beef as shown and put what you like in the hole. Once the beef starts to cook on the grill it should firm up.  Of course you don't flip this burger so just handle the burger to a point that it stay's whole.  I think it should work.  But next time get that bacon, it's always better with bacon, and I'm sure you know that already.  Reinhard

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I can confirm I remember my bacon was stretched so its probably needed to support the BCBs

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I made some of these the other week and didn't have any bacon on hand so did them without. They were good but would have been better with the bacon.
Once they're on the racks don't touch them until they are done, then you can move them to a plate.
Mine held together just fine.
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Thanks guys for all the help.    I'm going to give them a try without bacon, and I guess if they fall apart I will have smoked ground beef for pasta sauce.   :icon_wink:


I promise I will try them again in the future with the bacon.   

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So I made the burgers last night and they were really good.    I was a little worried about structural integrity since I wasn't using bacon, so I just put a sheet of parchment paper on the rack.    That worked really well and made clean up a breeze.


I went with the fresh Costco burgers which are just 100% beef shaped into patties.   About 1/2 pound each give or take.   Sprinkled them with rub and then filled with sauteed peppers and onions, and topped with thick Havarti slices.



They went in the smoker at 275 with Beech wood.   First time using that.   What a sweet clean smelling smoke that was.    Also popped some Harvest all beef wieners on the top rack, to see the difference smoked would be.   I was surprised to find the burgers done a 1.5 hours, thought it might take 2.



They were so juicy and flavorful.   Almost no shrinkage which was a pleasant surprise.   The smoke taste on the Havarti was excellent.   Hot dogs were good, but I love these ones no matter how they are cooked.    But nice to know they can just get tossed on with whatever else is cooking.

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Well done!

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Looks great. I will be doing these this weekend!!icon14.gif
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Originally Posted by Skeeterproam View Post

Looks great. I will be doing these this weekend!!icon14.gif

How did they go?    What did you fill them with?

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Well.. When I was at Costco the wife called and said the word ribs! Needless to say, I went with the rack pack of ribs and did those instead. I will do those burgers for sure. I think I want to get some of that thin sliced rare roast beef in there with pepper jack cheese. Maybe some dice up onion too. I have to figure out how to put some pics up this forum. My ribs were my first on the smoker and they ended up being really good. Take care, Skeeter

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That does sound good.   And I do love some ribs, so I totally understand the switch.      


As for pics, just look in the options bar for the thing that looks like a mountain with a little sun in the left hand corner.   That is the picture option.    Just save your pics to your computer or phone and it will be an easy transfer.   

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Copy That buddy. 

I was going to put one pic on this reply; however, I do not see a place to insert pic?? Maybe I am just missing it somehow.
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Saw this post and just had to try it. Just got everything prepped and getting the smoker up to temp right now.
more to come
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Just stuffed the burgers and waiting to throw them in the smoker at 275.
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