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I recently finished my new build: a 150 gallon, direct flow propane tank conversion.  I'm having temp inconsistency problems. I looked at a prior thread on some great mods and thought I had it licked but the temps are still inconsistent. 


The end closest to the firebox, Therm 1 runs 200-240 degrees


The middle Therm 2 runs 250-350 degrees


The far end Therm 3 runs 140-180 degrees.  


I initially did a mod and lowered the stack inside the grill to the lower grate level, hoping temps would stabilize. They did go up to the higher levels shown but the range of the values is still off. I want to move the heat to the other end of the tank.  


My Smoke Chamber = 24 inch diameter, 14 inch height, volume is V=πr^2h= 3.14(144)(14)= 6330cuin or 3.14(1)1.2)=3.77cuft. I cut the tank to use one end as my smoke chamber but when I used the firebox calculator it said my FB was 60 percent, so I recognize its undersized but is there anything you can suggest to raise and/even out the temps?



Front View with 3 Therms (l to r - 1 closest to the firebox, 2 middle upper level, 3 far end near stack


The Final Product, 7FEETofSMOKE!!!