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to all of our veterans out there, i just want to say. THANKS....


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Thumbs Up AGREED!!!!!

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Yes sir.

Without them we wouldnt be bbq ing today.
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Absolutely... The land of the free, BECAUSE of the Brave. A huge thanks to all of our service men and women.
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Totally agree, A Huge Thanks To Vets !
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As a vet i say thank you. BUT today is a day to remember those brothers and sisters who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

  Veterans day is to Think of those who are still here. To me today is not a day of celebration but a day of reflection and remembrance.

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Well said eman & to those folks, my most sincere & heartfelt gratitude can never be enough...
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To all my good friends who were lost, you will never be forgotten. Today, raise a glass for the salt of the earth.
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fellows i started this link, but i thank you for the kind word about our vets, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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