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I decided to start a new thread just for the PID controller.


This controller will be used on the fridge build I am doing in another thread. Go take a look. 


Long story short about 8 yrs ago I bought a Stoker controller and while it took a little getting used to it did work and since it died I wasn't going to spend $300 for a new one.


So far I have spent less than $100 for what I an building and if something fail it won't take much to get it up and running again.


So, here we go......





Two PID controllers, Enclosure and a weather proof receptacle box



Kind of out of order but, Finished front. Left controller = Pit  Right controller = Meat




Inside wiring



Receptacle box. This is where I will plug in the transformer to power the fan. Also, less heat in side the box. 


The SSR ( Solid State Replay) will control power to this receptacle to cycle fan on/off




The Fan, This fan was from the Stoker and the transformer powered the Stoker which I am going to use to power the fan now.




The wiring schematic. Pretty simple. KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid and that's what I did.


Once it is set up, running and has a couple cooks under it's belt I will add audible alarms 


One for when meat reaches temp and another alarm for and if Pit temp goes over 350 degree



Well that's about it for the weekend for me on this smoker. Hopefully in another couple weeks this ol' girl will be up and running.


Hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day Celebration and remembering the Day for what it is meant for.