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UDS question

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I recently built my first UDS and I used the drum top as the lid.


Is it normal to have a possible hot spot where the large bung opening is? Seems I had one pork chop totally dry up but the rest were perfect. The one I believe was near the bung.


Do I need to lower my rack a bit? I am looking for a Weber lid to replace the drum lid, will that help?




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I can't say as I use a kettle lid. Could you post a pic of your UDS?

Happy smoken.


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Temp can be 50 degrees different from one side to the other side of the drum. To fix that I put pizza pan right above the it stays about the same across the grate
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Jrod62 this is my UDS as it sits right now. I was getting it up to temp at the time of this pic.


Thanks David, I was planning on adding a rack or something to add a heat diffuser soon. I will make that the next add in now. That may be all I need to do.


My rack is about 7" down. I am wanting to add a set of adjustable shelf brackets but I haven't been able to find what I want yet. I may go ahead and just add another set of mounts a couple inches down so I can lower everything as needed.


Thanks for the replys



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Agree with jrod about the holy least mine is holy 1/2 to 3/4 "


 I prefer the exhausts that are more centrally located on the lid.  The bung hole will work but it does pull all of the heat to that one point... I could understand you getting a hot spot there. 


You could plug up the bung and put in something different, maybe spreading it around. 

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