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Montreal smoked meat

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Being from Montreal originally, Montreal style smoked meat is something that I really miss. I also miss the amazing rye bread they make up there. I finally started my smoking, drying, charcuterie, sausage project and my first smoking project was Montreal smoked meat. I have to say, it turned out amazing. I picked and chose all my steps from a number of recipes and I chose well! 


I can now enjoy Montreal smoked meat again after years of not being able to. Seeing as I'm a chef, I already have my rye bread recipe down so today enjoyed a wonderful sandwich just like back home :).


I use a SmokeMeister smoker attached to the side of my bbq and I used pellets and then hickory and mesquite chips.









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ZOMG! Thats a good looking sandwich!!

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I was seriously in heaven.. in Montreal it's piled 3 times as high but this was enough :). Next up, I have to make the cherry peppers that go with the sandwich :).. at least I can find black cherry in the can here! 

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