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Sirloin tip moisture

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I am accustomed to chucks, but am trying a sirloin tip for this weekend. I understand that it can get really dry in a hurry. How can I add some moisture? I thought about bacon slices over the top. What do you think? Any info is appreciated.
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You can do the bacon, you can also Brine it, you can inject it, you can wrap it in foil with a liquid, all of these should help keep it moist.

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Number one thing is smoke it low and slow, and don't over cook it. It's a different beast than a chick and needs to be cook anywhere from rare to medium tops. It's a slicing roast and should be treated that way.
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Thanks for the tips. Yes, I was definitely going to slice it.
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Turned out really good. I sliced the dinner servings about 1/2" thick. All of the leftovers went thru the slicer and we'd made Sammie's the next day for lunch. Thanks for the tips, Joe
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