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Rib Question

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I've always been a foil guy but if you can achieve the same tenderness without foiling - why foil? What would the benefit be?

I'd sure like to eliminate the foil part if i knew i could achieve the desired tenderness without it.

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I think most people foil ribs to get or almost get fall of the bone tender.

No foil will have more pull to it.

I dont foil cause I like bark and more pull to my ribs.
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That makes sense. So you can't get fall of the bone tenderness without wrapping? Im not a fall of the bone guy so no worries there for me. I do like them on the more tender side than not.

Thanks Farmer.
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I have had them very close to fall off the bone without wrapping.

Give it a shot.
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I have a slab of spare ribs that need to be defrosted. Pretty sure I'll be going no foil on this smoke. Looking forward to trying it.

Smoke the whole time or just 3 hours of smoke, then stop?
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I smoke the whole time at 275.
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Great thanks.
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My first ribs i planned 3-2-1 but the wife dragged me to the mall, and didn't foil. To my surprise pleasure, the ribs were perfect. Juicy, tender, and pull off the bone clean. I enjoyed every bite....

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So many ways to do anything on a Smoker . Everyone has a 'great' way .


Farmer was right about the Naked Ribs . So here is MY temp. , time and Q-view f my results


On average , my Ribs take 5hrs. to finish at a temp. o 225*F . I keep my Smoker closed the entire time and maintain good light blue smoke . White


smoke will darken the Bark and IMHO gives a burnt flavor ( or more Bark than I like) .


Once you set up your environment in the Smoker , leave it be and let the magic happen , they will still be there when you look at the finished Ribs .(unless


you live in a very ruff neighborhood . :ROTF




Have fun and . . .

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Thanks OldSchool. Funny and informative post!


I'm foiless next rib smoke. The picture you posted of the bent rib looks to be just about the exact tenderness I like in a rib.



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