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calculating how much pulled pork

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I have been smoking butts for while now and become confident and comfortable with my methods. Earlier today I was asked to smoke pulled pork for a party of 19 for next Saturday.
Question 1
How should I calculate how many butts to smoke for this amount of people and the weights?

Question 2
I will be smoking the pork on Friday and traveling 5 hours with the meat later that night or early Saturday morning. I'm assuming I need to leave the butt(s) whole until reheated and pulled at the dinner party?

As always thank you for any information and happy smoking!

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I figure around 30-35% loss off pre cooked weight and 1/4 to 1/3 per person post cooked weight depending on how many heavy eaters we have and what else is being served. I'm sure someone with more experience than I have will be along to give more details.
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1/3 lbs per person is plenty, especially if there will be other foods there. 


We have a pot luck at the office on Friday this week and my pulled pork has become a required staple.  Since it is the day before Memorial Weekend there will probably only be 20-30 folks in the office that day.  I have 18 lbs of boneless butt on the smoker today, cooking hot n fast (300F).  I will smoke it, rest it, pull it, adjust the flavor profile if needed (I made some changes to my rub this morning because my wife requested adding allspice, cloves, and nutmeg to my standard pork rub), cool it then freeze it.  Will take it out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator 24-36 hours prior to serving.  Will put it in a big pot, transport it cold to work, then reheat on the stove (an induction plate actually).  There will still be leftovers. 


With your schedule my recommendation would be to pull it when it is done.  Way easier that trying to pull when cold.  Then stick it in the fridge, get it cold, transport it cold to the party in a cooler with jugs of frozen water, then reheat at the party with the stove, crock pot, or oven (slowest).  

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Great advice!
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Once it is smoked pull it into foil pans as soon as it is cool enough to handle comfortably. Add back some of the cooking juices and seal with foil. This can then be chilled and transported. At the destination, warm in the oven whilst still covered in foil until it is at least 165 F (74 C) before serving. You will find it easier to reheat without it drying out once it is pulled. It is also usually more convenient and makes less mess when you get there.

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Thanks Wade, looks like I will be pulling it the night before transport. I have read folks doing it both ways with success on here.
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