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Looks like it worked pretty well
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It did ok. I wish I would of spent more time on it to make it more accurate. But hey it worked. 15 degrees at 5 inches apart worked out perfectly.
Next I'll be working on cutting out the doors and setting up the RF plate. I like how cracksmoker rolled the triangle. I plan to do the same thing. I took a ton of pictures of an horizon 16" smoker from bass pro and took measures there FB to CC opening is a lot bigger then the math on here says. Does horizon know something we don't?

What distance should I weld the Rf plate above the top of the FB opening ?

Then from there how much higher do I set the first run of cooking crates from the RF plate?

Like I have said before I'm trying to write this so another new guy can read it and not ask 20 questions like I have. Thanks for all the help. This is my first smoker my first time posting on a forum. And I've never smoked meat before too. I love to eat it though.
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The RF plate should be at the same level as the top of the fire box opening.
The cooking grate should be between 4" to 6" above the RF plate.
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Weld the RF plate just above the top of the football and you will be fine. Most guys leave 4-6" above the RF plate for the first grate. On yours, it should work out to about the 3 o'clock position and you will be good to go.


Most guys won't take time to read all the threads but we are happy to help anyway and we appreciate all the effort you are taking to document your build! Thumbs Up


Good job on the legs, it usually works out good to tack them close and beat them into submission, then you put the smoker where it isn't quite as level and you end up adding a shim anyway! At least metal is forgiving that way.

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I made some progress on the RF plate had to cut it down and widen it some. Wow what a difference using a guide with my plasma cutter makes. later today I'll cut it in half and add angle iron down the middle for a drain trap. Then I'll cut out the lids.
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Looking Good



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Its looking good Hot Rod, Just remember to take your time and not rush to finish it.  I probably rushed mine a little bit because I knew the Florida Heat was coming and I didnt want to wait through Summer to finish it.  Just got mine fired up this week and overall I'm happy but Quality wise it couldve been better had I taken a little more time.

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Coming along really good.
+1 on using the guide to cut. I used one with my cutting torch and it makes a world of difference. I can't hold that thing steady freehand to save my life.
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Got my wheels in

Made a little more progress on the rf plate today.
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Now for the fun part. I want to paint my smoker red with caliper paint. I'm also kicking the idea around about having a guy I know cut out a few things with his water jet machine. I'm a Cardinals fan and thought it be cool to have the cards logo with the two birds like the one on top of this smoker in the picture water jeted out of like 1/2 steel and used as a counter weight for the lid. I'm also kicking the idea around about having the other logos on this picture cut out of stainless polished and set on the smoker raised up 1/4 and rolled to match the contour of the lid.

Any thoughts on this guys???
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That should turn out nice
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That should turn out nice
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