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Jerked My Chicken

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Did a Jerk Chicken on the Akorn this week. Had some xtra legs in the freezer so marinated them too and added some fresh veggies. If it wasn't for the "jerk" I was going to call it a Chernobyl Chicken with the 7 legs and all. Cooked in 45 minutes at 349°F (no stones or deflector pans) to 165°F. Had a half a soup can worth of ash when all said and done to add to the vegetable garden when the plants go in this coming weekend.








Crispy skin.  Chicken cooked quickly as it was only a little over 3 lbs so the potatoes needed a little xtra time while the bird rested, being the sabbath and all.

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Great job on the 7 legged chicken! Looks like it turned out real good.
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That is a fine looking yard bird!

Happy smoken.


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BM, Nice looking meal !

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That chicken looks amazing! That is a really nifty contraption you have there too.
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Your Chicken looks great :drool You Jerked her well .


As Murray says , "That's a nifty contraption  have there. "  Is that Cast Iron , and if so , where did you find it :icon_question:


Have fun and. . .

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OldSchool   Yes to cast iron.  Bought it at an H.E.B. in Katy TX for $20.  Online they are calling it Emirlware, on the box it is Cocinaware.  I've done a couple of chicken and 2 turkeys, 8 & 10 lbs. See if you can find it local, maybe camping supply stores and the like.  You can always hunt a little online  ...

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Am I the only one that got a laugh out of this threads title? Thanks I needed a good laugh.
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Last week I pulled my pork too.

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I have seen these online - maybe amazon - also have a wire one called a 'beer can chicken stand" by I think Weber - got it at Home Depot - but it does not have the cast iron plate - guess you could stick the wire one in a cast iron frypan - hmm - now I'm thinking which pan that I have! 


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Mighty Tasty Looking Chicken   Nice Job, I like the veggies too !



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