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Originally Posted by Leah Elisheva View Post

OH - MICK, please tell me how to make SOFT & succulent MARLIN!??? Tried grilling such today and as always, just too dry. Thanks very much!

The trick marlin is to make sure it's a small one! Any marlin over 100 lbs will be tough! Any marlin over 300 lbs is rubbish!!! Striped marlins are the best... Blues and blacks anything decent are just babies and should be thrown back!

Have you tried a chucker before? That's what we call spearfish here. It's a close relative to a marlin but is good eating...
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Here's a chucker...


A baby blue marlin...


If you can get some tuna, top one is a small yellowfin and below is a bigeye, you can make some inside out spicy tuna sushi...



I also posted a thread of a 1200 lb monster blue marlin about a year ago... I'll try and see if I can find the link for that one.

Edit: I see that you already saw and posted to that thread Leah.
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The big guys go back in the water unless its a pro long liner thats caught it.There are some rules I don't know them. I am a bit wary because of the heavy metal issue. Once the are cut up who knows how big they were live.

Plenty of fish higher up the list for me.

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Thank you both! Those fish, and the sushi, look fabulous!


And good to know on Marlin! I haven't mastered it but would love to try a chucker too! So fun!


Cheers! - Leah

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And above are some of my recent creations.

Such as, grilled New York strip steak of bison, drizzled with balsamic and an amazing dark gray sea salt with herbs do Provence.

Also, I made some fantastic grilled hake - which tasted like a combination of Whiting and halibut steak. Next time that should be smoked!

And then today after gobbling lots of salads, I also grilled some whole sardines, which were tremendous, and of which I munched in their entirety, starting with the head, and eating everything right down the middle - bones, fins, crispy skin and all! Magnificent!

Happy holiday to all! Cheers! – Leah
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Your grilled vegetables provided an inspiration for us today...around here, we have these "farmers markets". I know for sure the closest they come to a farm is the poetic license used in the description. However, they do have a very broad selection of produce at 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of the supermarkets. You may need to examine things occasionally for freshness but overall quality is the same.

We stocked up on eggplants, peppers, onions, cukes, herbs, and grilled them today with Greek olive oil and that pink Himalayan salt. Ate em all. Wish I had a few pictures but I think it will become a weekly routine. Will post them next time

Great the burgers we were going to have.


By the way orange peppers were 99 cents a pound, yellow peppers 1.29
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Well that is fantastic to hear Knuckle47!

While I find the Farmer's Markets here to be affected, and a racket; I am of the belief that the concept of them is well.

Moreover, that you started this wonderful, healthful, and also DELICIOUS routine, is just fantastic! I look forward to seeing and hearing more! Enjoy, enjoy! So wonderful!!!

And happy June!!!!

Cheers! - Leah
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