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Been a while...pork steaks

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Hello folks,

It's been quite some time since I have been active on the forum. I have been busy at work and iowa kinda sucks during the winter so I haven't been using the smokers much. When I got off work today I stopped by the store and they had 4 nice pork steaks for right at $4. I figured I'd give em a shot and see how they turn out on a last minute smoke.

I rubbed them down with big poppas money rub. If you have never tried this rub I suggest you do so. It's unreal on any kind of meat!

Haven't used the little smoke hollow in a while because of a burner issue but it performed awesome today without fixing the burner.

After 1.5 hrs. I put them in foil and back on for 30 min.

Out of the foil and sauced with sweet baby rays...nothing fancy

After 30 more min to tighten up at 225, here they are with some oven baked fries...cause I'm trying to watch my figure HAH!...that are coated in money rub. They turned out AMAZING! Stay tuned this weekend because I plan to put my homemade UDS to work on some ribs Saturday and a 11 lb pork butt Sunday. Thanks for lookin!

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Tasty looking pork steaks!
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Thank ya!

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