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Fast Cure?

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So, I entered one of my bacon recipes in a local contest and found out I was one of the finalists and they would let me know when the judging would be.  I just got a call letting me know that judging would be Saturday at noon.


I'm curious if it is possible to cure a pork belly in 48 hours.  The recipe is a wet cure and a hot smoke then oven baked.  Any thoughts on how it would turn out if I let it cure for two days in a vacuum?  The goal will be to get the flavor in to the belly.


My other option is I have about 8 slices that have been in the fridge since the last batch I made about six weeks ago.

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It looks like you will be using your old bacon. You could start a new batch and show them how the process works but it will not he cured in time unless you have a very thin belly.

Happy smoken.


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Thanks David, that is about what I figured.  I guess it's a good thing I had an emergency reserve.

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I've never tried it but you could slice your raw belly and then cure it. Less then a quarter inch would only take 12 hours or less.

th_dunno-1[1].gif ....... just a thought
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