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Temperature controller ?

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I plan on starting a refrigerator to electric smoker build. I work in the hvac field and have aquire a Honeywell t775b 2040 electronic temperature controller. I was hoping someone on here could give me advise with using this for my smoker. Thanks for any help
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Hey there. I'm unfamiliar with that unit but looked it up. I'm not in HVAC but I am a field service tech for commericial food equipment. Typically outputs are solid state realys, the Honey lists the outputs as SPDT relays. I either don't know what those are or call them something else. In my opinion that looks like it's over complicated for a smoker. If I still have any I might have some simple controllers that I would sell at a decent price if you decide to not use the Honeywell. Hope that helps for what it's worth.
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That is referring to contact arrangements single pole double throw
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Ok, that makes sense. I don't see why it wouldn't work. I don't what the programming is like. In HVAC, when it requests heating/cooling is it just a single signal to a switch to come on? Or does it stay on at the relay until demand is met? I hope I worded that to make sense.
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In any common residential thermostat it will call for heat and when the temp is met ( satisfied by a reading inside the thermostat itself) it will shut off. however there is no variable differential and the temp swings more so it prevents short cycling. The above controller has a variable differential and can hold a temp to 1 degree. All in all they all work as a switch. With the temp probably being the one that satisfies the call (or calls for it)
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That control is designed to run motors and would therefore require separate relays to switch on a heating coil.  The SPDT relays dont look like they are rated high enough.   Also the temp ranges is too low, unless you are going to cold smoke only.

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According to the specs it will go to 248 degrees, so as long as you don't ever intend to go above that you should be ok. I'm not familiar enough to say it would work for sure, but if you have one why not give it a shot. I personally like things simple in case it needs to be fixed, so hopefully making that work isn't too much of a hassle.
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I just came across that as well. I would hate to limit myself. it would have been nice to save some money.
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Yeah, mine goes to 9999 degrees so if I ever need to incinerate something I'm good.
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Haha yeah I would say so
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I have another like this if you're interested. I know you're trying to save money but I'll sell it at a good price, just let me know.
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Does it have an option for a second temp probe for the actual meat temp, and can it be set to shutdown once the desired meat temp is satisfied
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No sir, just your typical single input temp control
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