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RIBS with some MHC Pellets

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So as I continue to relax being off of work (had vacation I extended) right before the busiest weeks I needed alot of time with my smoker. Last night was chicken and today did ribs.
Smoked them with Maple hickory cherry blend pellets from lumberjack pellets. Cooked at 225 for 4 hours. First 2 unwrapped then 2 hours wrapped with brown sugar and apple juice. Finished for a hour or so Un wrapped while I glazed with some sweet baby rays, open pit, and brown sugar mixture.

Here are the pictures of the smoke.
Before wrapping them up
coming our of the juices!

My lady said that if if you didn't have any tug on the bone of these! Tender and delicious!

Tomorrow is a BUTT to enjoy the last day of a week off. Also gotta dog watch as the pups came up limp while playing ball while cooking today.
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SA, good looking ribs !

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Those look mighty tasty!!!



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The ribs looks delicious...very nicely done! icon14.gif

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Very nicely done, those ribs look great! Man, that's a nice vacation you're having!
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Adam nice job ribs look good.

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Thanks guys! It was and now I will be looking forward to next weekend as after that it's like 14 straight days and little smoker and me time 😯

Butt turned out well too

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