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Finally , Thank God . . .

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Well  . I'm doing my first Smoke since Dec,23 . Learning to use your muscles and how to walk , do normal things is hard .  We got anew member of our Family , Her name is Rollo ,


3y/o , fixed ,trained and all her shots . I mention that for She has been a big help in my rehab though walking and 'Potty' runs .


I didn't get as many shots as  wanted , between care of the Dog , I got tired and grumpy and got 'Tunnel Vision' doing the Smoking . Any how , it's like most others ,SSDD .


 Well here is the rustic work space I have now , The little Cabinet is great for keeping my Spices and everything I need for cutting , wrapping and all my other 'stuff' .


  the Ammo box is for my Mavericks , Thermopen  ( super fast Black) , extra batteries and other Therms. . The cooler s my AMNPS storage  I have the unit , a bunch of Pellets and some towels ,    see "Piggy" :icon_question:


  and here's Flo ,  ready to do her Magic .


 here's the package the Ribs came in


  the fire in Flo's belly , she's one hot B.... .


 Pictures out of line but here's the Dusted / Rubbed Spare  (the other one looked the same ) :biggrin:


number one in the Smoker , followed by   .  .  .


 the second one . .


 checking for break at 5 hrs.  ,  not enough so in for a while more .


  Here they are when I opened at 5 o'clock  .  .  .


 and here's the Timer showing the amt. pst . The one at the top is for the Fire ,Actually I was starting up an had planned on timing the Ribs and picked it up and started  it then  realized I had started on the wrong thing , then though wy not , so I have fire time also ...


I'll show a plated shot tomorrow . I'm tired and going to bed . ..


That was my Rib cook , thank you for looking .


have fun and . . .

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Glad your back at it Stan.

Ribs look awesome. drool.gif

Did I miss the helper????
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Glad ya could fire up the TBS Stan, sounds like a well deserved smoke ! yahoo.gif Ribbies look awesome, bet they were tasty ! icon14.gif
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